13th June 2022 Programme

Dr Andrew Mallick – Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, BRHC
09:30K.Vita in the treatment of paediatric epilepsy.
Emma Cameron, Specialist Paediatric Ketogenic Dietician, BRHC
10:15Paediatric deep brain stimulation for epilepsy; the future?
Will Singleton – Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon, BRHC
11:00Donʼt hold your breath (case presentation).
Silvia Sanchez Marco – Clinical Fellow Paediatric Neurology, BRHC
11:30Coffee Break
11:45CGH, WES, WGS … deciphering the code in a general paediatric clinic.
Dr Eve Bassett – Consultant Paediatrician Royal United Hospital Bath
Dr Toby Hunt – Consultant Paediatrician Royal United Hospital Bath
12:30Dravet Syndrome Update.
Adam Strzelczyk, Epilepsy Center Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Goethe-University Frankfurt
14:30Epilepsy Surgery Update.
Michael Carter – Consultant Neurosurgeon, BRHC
14:50Never work with animals or children: Neurophysiology intraoperative monitoring data review.
Sarah Rushton – Highly Specialised Healthcare Scientist, BRHC
Danielle Cole – Highly Specialised Healthcare Scientist, BRHC
15:30Coffee Break
15:45Introduction to vCreate.
Ben Moore, Founder of vCreate
16:15CYP SW and SE Epilepsy Project – Overview of the Children and Young Person Epilepsy Project Plan, objectives and timelines.
Jo Powell – Lead Nurse, Paediatric Neurosciences ODN
Ingram Wright – Clinical Lead, Paediatric Neuroscience ODN