10th April 2024 Programme

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09:15Venue open / Refreshments
10:15Welcome and Introduction
Dr Andrew Mallick, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, BRHC
10:20Epilepsy and Mental Health: Updates on a Regional Screening and Intervention Pilot
Dr Alexander Marsh, Lead Epilepsy Psychologist, Paediatric Neurosciences South ODN
11:00Ketogenic Diet Update
Ketogenic Dieticians, BRHC
11:20Results of the KIWE Trial (Ketogenic Diet in Infancy)
Dr Andrew Mallick, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, BRHC
11:50Complex Febrile Seizures: A Case Study and Discussion
Dr Ravi Pooran, NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics, University of Exeter
12:30Lunch Break
13:40Update on NICE Guideline – Epilepsies in Children and Young People
Dr Katherine Jones, ST7 Paediatrics, Devon Universities NHS Foundation Trust
14:30Development of SWIPE / Survey Feedback
Dr Archana Murugan, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, BRHC / SWIPE Transformation Lead
15:00Refreshment Break
15:20Neural Mass Modelling to Study Sleep in Children With Epilepsy
Dominic Dunstan, PhD Student in Applied Mathematics, University of Exeter
15:35Navigating the Valproate Saga
Dr Marie Monaghan, Consultant Paediatrician, BRHC
Dr Hayley King, Consultant Paediatrician, BRHC
16:15Feedback, wrap-up, and dates for future meetings