EDGE Course

8th July 2021 13:00 – 17:00 (Virtual Event)

The Early Diagnosis of Genetic Epilepsy course has been developed by Dr Alasdair Parker [President of the BPNA] and Dr Richard Brown [Chair, OPEN UK].

The course is aimed general and community paediatricians and trainees who will be leading diagnosis of epilepsy in the children aged under 5 years.

Areas to be covered in the EDGE course:

  • Good quality multi-disciplinary care was always crucial – however…
  • Increasing numbers of proven and research therapies for specific disorders
  • Delayed diagnosis of rare disease has therefore become the paediatrician’s spectre
  • Need to shorten the ‘diagnostic odyssey’
  • Make investigation less invasive
  • Harness the power of modern genetic investigations and in particular bring them into play much earlier
  • A straightforward, efficient approach to investigating early onset epilepsies which incorporates new 
    genetic technology
  • Something that is pragmatic and ‘works’ locally
  • Clear lines of communication and referral into tertiary paediatric neurology, and networked peer review, education and governance
  • Support secondary level paediatric epilepsy care in order to function to at a safe and high level

There is no charge for the course but places are limited to 20 delegates from the SWIPE network.

Dr Andrew Mallick and Dr Andrew Lux will be the hosts for the afternoon, and will help with the discussions around how local issues impact on investigation strategies, such as access to panels, exome, genome, trios etc.